If it has fruit it has to be healthy.. right?

Hello there! So yesterday when I made that delicious water.. I also made some fruit tarts! šŸ™‚

Now fruit tarts are my weakness. I can pass up the ooey gooey chocolate brownies and chocolate pot de cremes

But you put down a fruit tart in front of me and you wont see it again haha.

So I have made these in class and boy did they look pretty… If course I had the correct pan and I also had the glaze

Step 1: so I first started with my tart shell… Now these recipes are from my book that I bought from school


So I will get the tart shell reicpe and type that one up later šŸ™‚

So once your dough is in the frige resting you can move on to..

step 2:start your pasty cream

So this recipe is actually from a small book that my teacher put together and I had to buy for class

So I first gathered all my ingredients

Then I put my cream, vanilla brand and half my sugar in a pot and let come to a boil.

Meanwhile I whisked my eggs and remaining sugar

As soon as my cream reached a boil I slowly incorporated it into my eggs and then put it back over the heat to reach a boil and thicken.

I keep the stove on medium high and whisk continuously to avoid burning and help thickening.

As soon as it thickens, toss into the mixer with a whisk attachment and whisk until cooled


While your cream is cooling go ahead and cut out your dough

I then put the shells into a muffin pan. And baked for about ten minutes.


Once my shells cooled I added some pastry cream and fruit šŸ™‚






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