Holy Macroons :)

So… I have been wanting to bake and I recently got some wonderful inspiration.  A new friend. A real friend. I haven’t always had people who I can fully count on… And trust.
This guy… Just met him and already having my back. So how do I repay him? Bake something for him of course! 🙂


So here I have how I made these delicious coconut Macrons 🙂

I first got my sugar and my egg white and heated until sugar dissolved. Then I added my dehydrated coconut



Then scoop and bake! Suuuper easy.


And of course you can do what I did and dip them in chocolate 🙂

And then here is the recipe from my book. 🙂

So… I hope he likes them! 🙂 and I hope that you like them as well. They are definitely a favorite of mine :):)



  1. Yum! Macaroons are great, but people always think I’m talking about those French sandwich cookies when I mention them. Love that you dipped them in chocolate–that’s the only proper way to eat a macaroon.

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