Pretty little French macarons

So first off let me tell you I have been living a lie. For years I thought these were French macroons… But they are pronounced (mack-a-Ron’s)

So pretty!


And no… These beauties are not mine 😦 but… one day 🙂

I felt so dumb in culinary class when my friend corrected me hah

So… Now I know 🙂

So making these was quite simple yet technical at the same time.. don’t mix enough… They crack. Mix too much… They spread. Too much powered sugar to almond flour ratio… They are bumpy and gross looking!





So now… I will take you thrpught my journey of making macarons 🙂

So it all started like this… I was having a team meeting at work at as the team lead I figured why not buy some pizza and make macarons… Which I’ve made once and epically failed… Haha
I tried the Martha Stewart recipe… Def not my fav. So I tried again. Found another recipe and while it was pretty good… A few days later went to class and chef gave me another sucky recipe that I have almost perfected.
So… This weekend I’m making more and I will give you my updated version of the recipe 🙂

Start out with equal parts powdered sugar and almond flour. Make sure to sift in order to get out any large or hard peices. Set Side.

Make a swiss meringue by getting equal parts sugar and eggwhite. Put over a double boiler on medium heat and whisk until the mixture is no longer grainy. Do not put on high heat or the egg will begin to cook

As soon as the egg mixture has reached the right consistency remove from heat and pour into mixer with a whisk attatchment and whisk on high until stiff peaks have fromed.

If you want to add color or vanilla bean or Ny other addative for flavor, this would be the time. While still whisking  🙂

Once meringue is completely ready, you simply fold your almond mixture into it. And fold until you get a uniform silky texture. The mixture will run smoothly and should not be bumpy.
Then you will add to a piping bag and pipe out circles. Set aside for thirty minutes to rest and form a skin so that when baked they will rise better and give you the signature “feet”
Then bake at 325°f and let bake for 12-15 min

This is my end result but I havent perfected my recipe… Once I do then I will post the final recipe with more pictures




These didn’t turn out amazing :/ but almost the consistency that I want 🙂

if i can get my recipe to come out perfect before valentines…

These may show up in my boyfriends gift basket


So so cute!!


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