It’s the little things.

This past Friday my mom had an awesome opportunity. She is a local artist and is being featured in a winery. For her first day she was able to invite people and they had music by a local musician. Quite inspiring. My mom has done it all. She has worked at a bank. She worked at a pre school when I was young. And even in the medical field. But she finally found her calling. Designing and creating both jewelry and art. I’m fascinated and inspired that she can truly find what makes her happy and go after it.


Well.. she asked me to cater it. Mini everything. So I slaved in the kitchen for some 8-10 hours or so. Haha and I created a little dessert table for the guests. 🙂


Above: mini cannolis and coconut macaroons.


Above: fruit tarts and chocolate dipped raspberries


Above: cheesecake filled strawberries.. dipped in chocolate


And of course dipped pretzels 🙂

It was such a great feeling to see people be excited over my food. To love what I’ve created. I gave my number to one woman and was asked to give a quote to another party! Omg! Great feeling 🙂


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