Little friend. Same thing :)

So my sister is my best friend. My closest friend. The person I can always count on. My little sister deserves the world. So when her birthday came around… I was willing to do anything. And this is what we came up with


Ha a little… Different. But my sister is different. She’s artistic. She draws and paints. She loves manga and anime. She’s into Korean and Japanese culture. For 15 she’s extremely diverse.

The cake was a white chiffon with multi colored buttercream. 5 layer 6″ cake. With mini cakes st the bottom so her friends could pick out their own personal ones. 🙂


Aha… And yes. I know the layers are not evenly sized haha. I was rushing! I got off an 8 hour shift and had to make her cake during the party haha.

Honestly, making a tall cake was such a fun experience. I love it! I was terrified that it would fall, but ecstatic when we cut it open and all the colors were revealed 🙂


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