Oooh… Ahhh…Distractions. :(

Recently I realized that I haven’t been putting my dream first. Instead I put my current job ahead of everything. I got so involved and overwhelmed when I promoted. I wanted nothing mote than to shine. To show my team I could. And I would. I dove into it. Giving all I could. On the clock. Off the clock. It didn’t matter. That’s all that was on my mind. What could I do better? How? Who could I help. Who wanted a dev plan or needed to talk.

But then I took a look from a new perspective. I woke up. I realized that I was putting all my energy into the now. And dreaming of a beautiful future. But doing nothing to guarantee one. So… Here I am. Taking a stand against myself. STOP! STOP LETTING YOUR BAKING BE A DREAM. MAKE THIS A REALITY! 

I will be baking more. More pictures. More recipes! More deliciousness. I hot side tracked. Fell off my path and was taking a different road. But I’m back. I’m focused. I’m determined 🙂

Follow me on instagram @secretsinthesugar 🙂 like my pics! Comment! Ask for prices. Or recipes :):)


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