peer into my life

Hey there. My name is Stephanie and i am 22 years young. My dream is to one day become a baker. Have a cute little cafe, specializing in european desserts and of course specialty coffee drinks. Im currently going to school and working at Starbucks. I am also attempting to put remodel our back cottage into a professional kitchen space! Yes its quite the dream come true to have a space readily available to me, but this cottage is definitely a fixer upper. With tons of dedication i hope to fix up my dream kitchen asap! however, working at starbucks doesnt exactly reward me with Β the funds i need to purchase professional equipment :/ As each day goes by, i feel a little more educated. i feel stronger in my baking abilities, as well as my business plan. I have a good outline of what i wish to do with my bakery once the kitchen is established, however the space in between is where i havent quite figured things out.


But with an order here and there, i can save up and slowly build my dream πŸ™‚ So follow me. Share my page. Tell a friend. Comment. Help me reach my dream. πŸ™‚


And of course, order away πŸ™‚

you can email me for prices or ordering questions at


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