So my mom and I have both come to the conclusion that we need to up out water intake to help get us a little on the healthier side 🙂
Now I absolutely love water. So that’s an easy one for me… But my mom? It’s like her sworn enemy. She could go all day without a drink. She we started experimenting with flavored water.
We started with cucumber lemon.. but yesterday… We tried something super special 🙂

Bad picture sorry… But I threw in some oranges raspberries and blackberries.
I let it steep for a few hours tried it.. liked the flavor but wanted something more… So I threw in some pineapple 🙂


And out came this beauty 🙂


I got this fancy little pitcher at Starbucks… I’m sure teevana probably has something of this sort. But its amazing. No seeds in my drink but delicious flavors that’s for sure 🙂


Have you ever had a day where you truly desire to be productive and yet all you can do is lie on your couch and watch episode after episode of Sherlock Holmes? Haha. All I can do is pry myself off the couch and out of the comfort of my blankets

Aha! As I’m sitting and typing away my brother approaches me.. “Don’t eat the bbq chicken. Throw it away. Or you will feel the wrath that is in my stomach.”

Ha anyways… After that comedic break in my day I think I can pull myself together and get some baking going on. I will have some pictures up soon 🙂